• UlyssesT [he/him]
      8 months ago

      The original person, the real person, was killed

      What you are continuing to outright dodge, ignoring my original argument for the sake of apparent convenience, is that the moment the thought experiment doesn’t kill the original person, it becomes absurd to tell that not-killed person that they are totally over there now while still standing there, not disintegrated. There are now two people that have the same root of matter composition and experiences to start with, but the moment it is allowed that the perfect copy can be made without the original being destroyed in the thought experiment, your claims about transferable “original personness” (as long as the original person was destroyed first, of course) seem much more like magical thinking than what you claim I am doing.

      and being as edgy and uncomfortable as possible


      tell me that I’m “projecting”

      Yes, you are. Trying to call it out first doesn’t change that.

      We were literally just talking about the philosophy of hypotheticals in Star Trek

      I was part of that discussion and no one else took issue until you did, here or on any other discussion I had here.

      Go ahead, post your dumb-ass smug Redditor response to this, or just a reaction image because you’re too removed to find words, tell me that I’m “projecting” or some other “no u” response you can muster up, make my post into some copypasta to laugh at, dox me, post a screenshot of this post to your Chapo friends, do the exact same things people on 4chan and Kiwi Farms do. It only really testifies your incredible patheticness as a person.

      No. I want to ask you to stop replying to me if all you’re going to do is make more personal attacks, however.